Why Tiktok downrating by users, TikTok Banned In India Breaking news


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Why TikTok Rating Down, Tiktok Banned in India Should or Not ? 

TikTok rating going down, is tiktok banned in India 

Hello guys today I will give you all information about tiktok in India. Because a issue of 
 YouTube V/s TikTok in India is going large. 

You also known Carry Minati & Amir Siddiqui 

They are famous on YouTube & Tiktok, but after, Carry Minati, roasting video

YouTube vs TikTok :- The End , 

A bigest issue raising. Because Carry Minati rosted a tiktok star ⭐ know as Amir Siddiqui 
And his video going viral day by day , but YouTube delete carry’s video because his video violented YouTube terms & conditions. But all youtubers are spoting with carry minati. 
After all a big impact on TikTok App,  His ratings are going down day by day, 
Also people are saying about it can be banned in India, 
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Is TikTok Banned in India ? 

Answer = TikTok Can be banned in India because some people are not follow his terms & conditions 
Answer = You can update your tiktok from google play store 

TikTok Update, 
I hope you get all the information today 
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