TV star gets beauty boosted – Now the rotting nose


According to the Daily Mail report, 29-year-old Anastasia Balinskaya is from the European country Belarus and has appeared in the Russian reality TV show ‘House-2’.

TV star asked for help from fans

Anastasia Balinskaya has sought help from fans through an Instagram post and asked her to donate the money so that she can undergo her surgery again.

Problems started after surgery

Anastasia Balinskaya said that she underwent a cosmetic surgery in her name a few years ago, but due to a problem in the surgery, problems started with her and her nose started to rot.

There was a lot of swelling in the nose

Anastasia Balinskaya said that after cosmetic surgery her nose had become significantly swollen and now surgery is needed again to save her nose.

If the surgery is not done, the nose will rot completely

Doctors have advised Anastasia Balinskaya to undergo surgery again within two months. If the surgery is not done, their nose will rot completely.

Anastasia is very active on Insta. Anastasia Balinskaya has more than 1.5 lakh followers on her Instagram and she is very active on social media. While sharing the photo on Instagram, she has told that there is no money for treatment and she is not even able to take a loan. After this, he has appealed to the fans for help.