Start this business with a job, earning 50 thousand rupees every month


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We tell you about a special business. With which you can earn more than 50 thousand rupees every month

New Delhi. We tell you about a special business in which you can earn big money. You can earn (Earn Money) by taking a second hand car and renting it out. If you are planning to start a business in the travel sector then this is a good idea. You can start this business with OLA. You too can become a travel entrepreneur by joining Ola. So you can earn 40 to 45 thousand rupees every month by starting this business.

This is the process of earning

Ola is giving you the opportunity to attach a fleet to its platform, that is, to connect multiple cars at once. There can be any number of cars starting from 2-3 cars. You can increase it whenever you want, there is no limit to it. The more cars you add, the more you will earn.

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The company has increased this facility

The company is giving a special facility for this that now you can get information about the earnings and performance of each of your taxis from a single app. Ola has given complete information about this on its website. For more information click here

These documents are necessary to start a business:

1. Your documents – PAN card, a canceled check or passbook, Aadhar card, home address 2. Car Documents – Vehicle RC, Vehicle Permit, Car Insurance3. Driver’s Documents – Driving License, Aadhar Card, Home Address, Verification.

Every car will generate income up to 40 45 thousand

Ola has been running a program to make driver partners with it for a long time. According to those who are associated with Ola with a car, after deducting every expenditure, they are getting a monthly income of 40 to 45 thousand rupees. In such a situation, according to the number of cars there will be, the total amount will come in your bank account. Out of this, you will have to pay the drivers as much as you have decided.


This is the process of earning

First of all, you have to go to the nearest office of Ola with all your documents. There you have to inform the concerned team that you want to add multiple cars with Ola. Ola’s team will demand all documents including commercial license. After all the verification your registration will start. The whole process may take 8 to 10 days, after which your fleet will start moving with Ola.

The salary to the driver will be given by the fleet owner, not the company will pay them directly. You will have to arrange for as many drivers as you have in your fleet. These facilities will be given to you:> After this Ola will provide you an app, through which you will be able to track all your cars and drivers> Through this you will also get information about the booking of each car and the earnings from it.> Ola will provide training for every driver of your fleet, so that they are aware of everything.


How is income

If a booking is done during peak hours, then a bonus of up to Rs 200 is available on it. If you complete 12 rides in a day, then a fixed bonus from the company which is 800 to 850 rupees, you will get extra. There is an additional bonus of minimum Rs.600 on completion of 7 rides. The company also gives bonus on airport drop. Apart from this, there are some other bonuses, which come in the bank at the end of the month. Note: The commission and bonus offered by the company changes from time to time, so check it yourself.