Ride will no longer be canceled in OLA cabs


Ride will no longer be canceled in OLA cab: The cab driver will know where you want to go, what will be the payment mode; With the new change, now getting a ride will be more difficult.

Has it ever happened to you that the cab driver has asked you where to go, payment mode is online or cash and he has canceled your ride due to non-receipt of response accordingly. But now it will not happen. Actually now the driver will get to know all this information without asking the passenger. If the driver does not get the ride according to his mind, he will not book it.

In fact, Ola said on Tuesday that its driver partners will now be able to see on their mobile phones before starting the ride, where the passenger has to go, as well as the payment will be cash or online.

Ola CEO tweeted the information
Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal said in a tweet on Tuesday that the cancellation of the ride by the driver is a big problem of this entire mobile app based business. The company wants to end this.

Passenger will suffer

After this decision of the company, if a cab driver has a problem with the payment option, then he can cancel the ride immediately. Due to this, the passenger will have to wait to book another ride again. If such drivers who are not happy with the destination and payment according to the passenger’s mind, then the passenger will not be able to book the cab.

Cab drivers will know the destination of the passenger

If going to a location is not comfortable for the drivers, then they can cancel the ride. If the same sequence is continued by the driver of each cab, then the passenger will not be able to reach his destination