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Heavy rain expected in the entire state till July 29, suggestions to farmers and villagers to take precautions

Heavy rain expected in the entire state till July 29, suggestions to farmers and villagers to take precautions
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People walking towards their destination in the midst of rain.

As soon as the holy month of Sawan begins, there has been a wave of Sawan in the whole of Haryana. It has been raining in all the districts since morning. It rained intermittently throughout the day on Tuesday, which continued on Wednesday morning. Somewhere there was heavy rain and somewhere it was drizzling. But due to continuous rain, the day and night temperatures have come down. The maximum temperature in the state including Panipat has dropped to 7 degrees. The Meteorological Department has predicted moderate to heavy rain and drizzle in entire Haryana on Wednesday and Thursday. At the same time, farmers and villagers have also been appealed to take precautions.

Temperature decreased by 3 degrees in Panipat

It is raining in Panipat since Tuesday. Although it rained heavily for some time, but since Wednesday morning there has been a storm of Sawan. Due to incessant rains, a drop of 3 degree Celsius has been recorded in the maximum temperature. Whereas till last Monday, the heat and humidity had troubled the people. Now the Meteorological Department has indicated moderate to strong thunderstorms on Wednesday and Thursday and then continuous drizzle for three days. The people got relief from the heat and humidity due to the storm of Sawan, but due to the neglect of the Municipal Corporation, the waterlogging in the roads and the colony has troubled the people. As the road was submerged, the potholes were not known. Due to which the risk of accidents has increased.

Badra raining heavily in Rewari

Monsoon rains have started in Rewari. It has been raining continuously for two days. Last night also it rained sometimes heavy and sometimes light. It has rained till 6 in the morning. After a gap of about half an hour, it rained again. Incessant rain made the weather cold. After two days of rain, the temperature has dropped by up to 4 degrees. It may rain all day today. Due to incessant rains, waterlogging has also occurred at many places in the city. A lot of water also accumulated outside the city’s civil hospital. The motor placed to drain the water also got damaged. Later, a motor was brought in a car and then the rain water was removed.

5mm rain in Hisar, maximum temperature drop by up to 7 degrees

The effect of the re-activated monsoon has started showing. The district has recorded 5 mm of rain on Tuesday. At the same time, it rained intermittently throughout the night. According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of good rain in the surrounding districts including Hisar on Wednesday. Light to moderate rain may occur in the district till July 29. Uklana, Barwala and City areas of Hisar have received maximum rainfall. At the same time, it is cloudy in Balsamand, Siwani, Adampur area. The maximum temperature has dropped by 7 degrees due to rain. The maximum temperature on Tuesday will be 27 degree Celsius.