PhD student suicide case: police seize footage of GJU lab cameras

PhD student suicide case: police seize footage of GJU lab cameras
The footage may reveal whether the girl was alone or someone else was present.

City Police Police has taken forward the investigation in the case of suicide by a PhD student in the lab of Bio-Nain Tech Department of GJU. All the evidence related to this case has started to be collected so that there is fair and correct investigation. The GJU Outpost Police has seized footage of CCTV cameras installed in the department and lab. Police have recovered the footage in the presence of the registrar.

In the case, the police said that in the CCTV footage, a PhD student is seen going to 10 labs on Monday morning. After this, at around 12.30 in the afternoon, her PhD guide Namita starts coming out of the lab and opening the door, but if the door does not open, she insists and opens the door. After which the door opens. Seeing the student in suspicious condition, she makes noise, then other staff also congregate there. Police say they could not find the CCTV footage inside the lab.

At the same time, a three-member committee of the GJU administration has been constituted, which will examine the case on all the relevant points and submit its final finding report to the VC. The PhD scholar student came to the lab of BioNano Tech Department and swallowed the poison and took the suicide.

The father of the deceased has accused the daughter’s guide of harassing her, Dr. Sandeep, the chairman, for pressuring the daughter to have an illegitimate relationship. Apart from this, the student was also worried about her computer, which had her data store. GJU Outpost Incharge Ravindra said that the matter is under investigation.