No road from barricading to ambulance in the fortification and many layers, after rains the local roads are filled with mud


Due to not being able to go to Delhi, the problems started increasing, people on both sides of the border were upset

In the Tikari border area, the difficulties of working people reaching from Delhi are increasing. Due to the barricading of the police administration, people coming from Delhi along with the common people are also finding it difficult to reach the protest venue. The dharna site could be reached after crossing the first four barricades, but now it is not so.

Now there is a security of eight layers and going out into the streets is not free from danger. Because the potholes and scattered soil in the streets have increased the risk of falling due to light rain on Thursday morning. For the first time, the person coming to the street is not able to know where the person goes out of the street, which has been dug in the streets and forgotten pit. Most of the people are working in the industrial area near the border. They have to face difficulties in coming here from Delhi.

From Mundka, where they land the bus, they have to pay 40 rupees for e-rickshaw after crossing the border in the metro to go to MI Industrial Area. After the incident of 26 January, the police has strictly done it in such a way that the road leading to our houses has also been closed. Only police vehicles and soldiers are seen walking here.

The farmers wished Ardas together in the morning: keep the peace and do not rain

It is worth noting that due to the ongoing impasse on the new agricultural laws, the agitation of the farmers on the ticker border continues even today. And the farmers who are adamant on repealing the laws have announced a cross-border battle with the government on this issue. In the tractor parade held on 26 January, the number of farmers agitating after the violence had reduced in the past, but after the sentiment of Rakesh Tikait, spokesperson of Bharatiya Kisan Union, the movement once again got the support of a large number of farmers. .

Due to the news of the uprooting in Ghazipur, there is also a stir in Bahadurgarh, no way is open for ambulances.

Learning from the violence at the Red Fort during the tractor parade on Republic Day, the Delhi Police has increased security along the borders with Delhi. Several layers have been barricated at Ghazipur, Singhu and Tikri borders. In tractor rallies, the manner in which barricades were removed with the help of tractors, spikes were also placed to prevent such incidents.

As the cleaning work was going on after the rainy morning on the ticker border, there was news that the nails are being removed on the Ghazi border, then once there was hope that here too, the people in the land at least in the ambulance and emergency should be removed The road will be opened to go to Delhi, but after an hour news came that the nails were being removed in Ghazipur due to the second location.