Monsoon merciful on Rewari after 16 years: 278 mm of water rained in 27 days from July 3 to 29, 291.5 mm of rain in 2006, Haryana news

Image source – Bhaskar

In the beginning of the monsoon, there was slow rain, but after that the period of heavy rain continues.

The monsoon in July was so kind to a dry area like Rewari that it brought back memories of 16 years old. In 2006, there was 291.5 mm of rain in July, while this time so far it has rained 278 mm, with two days left for the month to end. Earlier, there was good rain in 2016, 2010 and 2008 too, but this time it did not rain as much.

At the same time, this time the quota of rain in Rewari was completed in 27 days, while there are still 26 days left in the month of Sawan. From July 3 to July 29, the district has received 278 mm of rain. On July 19, 85 mm of rain fell the most, i.e. so far it has rained so much that all the Johad-Talabs were submerged. After many years, Rewari got relief from drought.

Water is visible in the villages where the johads and ponds had dried up. Although this time the monsoon started with slow rains, but after that the period of heavy rains continues. The maximum rain was on two days on 19 and 20 July. The city of Rewari looked like a river as the rain did not stop for a whole day. After that it rained on Wednesday. This time it has rained 20 mm more than the average.

Image source – Bhaskar

Water collected on the roads due to heavy rain in Rewari.

Johad had dried up in many villages

The water level in Rewari has reached very low. In the Khol area of ​​Rewari, the situation is even worse. For many years good rains were being expected here, which seems to be coming true this time. The situation had become such that in many villages the water in the centuries-old johad and pond had dried up. After many years in the village Kalaka, the johad is seen to be full of water. In many other villages, johads and ponds are full of water.

Image source – Bhaskar

Big relief for farmers

Every year there used to be a drought in July, which directly affected the crops of the farmers. This time in the month of July, Indradev was very kind to the farmers. Bajra crop is sown at this time in southern Haryana. After good rains, farmers no longer need to irrigate their fields.

Water-soaked roads in Rewari.
rain so far in july

July 3 ——–11.5 MM

July 4——-5.5MM

July 13——-22.0 MM

14 July——-19.1 MM

15 July——-16.9 MM

July 19——-85.6 MM

July 20——-65.2 MM

Jul 21——-6.8mm

July 22——-4.6 MM

July 25——-1.9 MM

July 27——-7.2 MM

28 July——-43 MM

Roads flooded with water in Rewari.
Rainfall figures in the last 16 years


July 2006——291.5

July 2007——75.0

July 2008——251.3

July 2009——150.6

July 2010——264.0

July 2011——113.0

July 2012——55.3

July 2013——123.0

July 2014——141.8

July 2015——142.0

July 2016——275.3

July 2017——75.3

July 2018——186.8

July 2020——52.5

July 2021——278.0