Lockdown extended till 5 am on June 21: Shops will open from 9 am to 8 pm, odd-even formula ends

Now the shops will open from 9 am to 8 pm. Malls will open from 10 am to 8 pm as before.
  • Gyms will open with 50% capacity, sports complex will be allowed to open without spectators
Epidemic Alert-Safe Haryana i.e. lockdown in the state has been extended till 5 am on June 21 with many relaxations. Now the time for opening shops has been extended by ending the formula of odd-even in the markets. Now the shops will open from 9 am to 8 pm. Malls will open from 10 am to 8 pm as before.
Gym and sports complex have been opened. The gym will open from 6 am to 8 pm. But only 50% of the people will be able to enter here. Spectators will not be allowed in the sports complex. Educational institutions have not opened yet. The government had already announced to close them till June 15.
Now they will remain closed till further orders. These include colleges, schools, coaching centers, ITIs, libraries, training institutes etc. Night curfew will continue for now. Chief Secretary Vijay Vardhan has issued guidelines for the seventh week of the lockdown.
Let us inform that even though cases are coming less in the state, but the average positivity rate of Haryana remains more than 8 percent. The government has argued that this lockdown has been extended as a precaution. For those for whom the exemption has been increased, it is mandatory to follow the mask and social distancing at those places.

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  • They were given more discount

Shop: Earlier there was an odd-even formula. That is, only half the market was opening. Last week the opening hours were from 9 am to 6 pm. Now the time has been made up to 8 pm in the evening.
Sports Complex: Now players will be able to play along with practicing in the sports stadium. These are exempted. However, spectators will not be allowed to enter the stadium.
Golf Clubs: Club houses, bars, restaurants will open from 10 am to 10 pm with 50% capacity. Earlier the time was fixed from 10 am to 8 pm.
Gym: Now gyms have been opened everywhere in the state. Their timings were fixed from 6 am to 8 pm. Only 50% will come to the gym.

Same rules here

Program: The government did not increase the limit of gathering of people in weddings and funerals. Only 21 people will be able to gather. Other events can gather up to 50 people. For more crowds, permission will have to be taken from DC as before.
Religious places: As before, only 21 people will be able to enter such places simultaneously.
Corporate Offices: Such offices will open with 50% capacity at present.
These will still remain closed: Spas, Parks, Cinemas, Theatres, Swimming Pools, Educational Institutions, Anganwadis, Crches.
  • It will be mandatory for people to follow masks and social distancing at exempted places.
  • Black fungus – the graph of new cases also came down

A new patient of fungus was found in 4 medical colleges of the state, two died

After Corona, now there is relief from the reduction in new cases of black fungus. On Sunday, only one patient was found in four medical colleges. Two patients died. One of them died at Rohtak PGI, while one died at Kalpana Chawla Medical College, Karnal.
So far 139 patients have lost their lives due to black fungus in the state. The total number of patients has crossed 1290. At the same time, 10 patients underwent surgery in PGI and 6 in Agroha Medical College. However, the lack of injection still remains. On the other hand, more than 900 patients are being treated in medical colleges and private hospitals of the state.

Corona – 359 positives were found in 24 hours in the state

No death in 11 districts, less than 10 cases in 8, 21 patients died
The report of 359 people has come positive in the state in 24 hours. While 21 patients have died. No death occurred in 24 hours in 11 districts. At the same time, the figure of positive in 8 districts has been less than double digits. Along with this, 821 patients became healthy. The recovery rate has increased to 98.15 percent.
There are now 4,527 active cases left in the state. On the other hand, there is a steady decrease in new patients of Corona in the country. After 74 days, less than 75 thousand new corona patients have been found. 69,276 patients were found on Sunday. On Sunday, 1,15,106 patients were also cured and the recovery rate has increased to 95.40%. At the same time 3,884 people died.