Lockdown Extended In Haryana, Lockdown extended till 31 May, shops will open, learn time and rules

Lockdown Extended In Haryana: Lockdown extended till 31 May, shops will open, learn time and rules

 Lockdown Extended In Haryana The lockdown period in Haryana has been extended to 31 May. The state government has extended the restrictions but with this some exemptions have also been given. The time has been set for the shops to open.

Lockdown Extended In Haryana

The 21-day-long lockdown in Haryana has been extended for a week. Although now the shops of Gali mohallas have been allowed to open all day, in the markets, shops will be open from 7 am to 12 noon on an even-day basis.

Shops of even number will be opened on the day of even number (to be divided by two) and shops with odd number will open on the date of odd number (not to be divided by two). The opening of shopping goods has not been approved. Encouraged by the decline in the rate of corona infection in the three-phase lockdown, the state government has now extended the lockdown till five in the morning on May 24. The lockdown has been going on in the state since May 3, which was extended for a week first on May 10 and then on May 17.

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State Chief Secretary Vijay Vardhan on Sunday issued orders to continue the epidemic alert-protected Haryana till May 31. It has been argued that the cases of corona infection have reduced in the state, but it will take time for the situation to become normal. After increasing the lockdown, Chief Minister Manohar Lal said that there has been a continuous decline in the number of corona patients in the state for the last few days.

Previously active cases were above one lakh, which has now come down to 45 thousand. Earlier the number of new patients coming daily was around 15 thousand, which has now come down to five thousand. Despite this, we are not yet in a position to say that the corona has been completely controlled, so the strictness currently enforced needs to be continued.