Less than Rs 150 will be spent in a month and internet, free calling will be available throughout the year, see this beautiful RECHARGE of Jio


You all know that you do not need to tell about it again and again that there has been an increase in the price of recharge plans, yet let us tell you for information that big telecom companies like Jio-Airtel and Vi Has increased the price of recharge plans by about Rs 500 or more. If it is seen in percentage, then it can be said that the tariff of recharge plans has increased by about 20-25 percent. Now if you take the recharge plans of Jio-Airtel-Vi, then you will have to pay a lot more money for it than now. However, if you use some brain and think about how some savings can be made, and how these recharge plans can be taken cheaply. Now suppose that you take a recharge plan for a month i.e. for 28 days, then it costs you 300 rupees, we are telling you this only for an example. You get a lot in this recharge plan.

However, what if you get this plan with these benefits for less than Rs 150 a month? ,Here we are trying to tell you that if you take a recharge plan that comes with a validity of one year, then let us tell you that you will be saving 50 percent in this. Because your expenditure is going to increase from Rs 300 to Rs 150. However, to take this benefit with courage, you have to pay for one year in one go. After this, you will continue to get benefits every month for a year and your savings will also become big. Let us now know which recharge plan of Jio-Airtel-Vi you can take. Which can take you with an expenditure of less than 150 rupees in a month.

Jio’s Dhaakad rechargecan be available at the cost of Rs 141 a month

Today we are going to give you information about one such recharge plan of Jio which gives your monthly expenses including only Rs 141. This recharge plan can be purchased from Jio for a price of just Rs 1559. Talking about the validity of this plan, you get it with a validity of 336 days. In this plan, your expenditure for one year is only this much but if you look at it in a month, then you are going to get around Rs 141 in a month only. In this plan, you are getting many other benefits along with any unlimited calling. Like you are being given 3600 SMS in this recharge. Apart from this, the plan also gives you free access to all Jio Apps in addition to 24GB data.

Airtel’s Dhakad recharge can be available at the cost of Rs 149 a month

If we talk about Airtel, then let us tell you that you get this recharge plan for one year for Rs 1799. However, its monthly cost comes only around Rs 149. However, this plan gives you 365 days of validity as opposed to Jio’s plan. ,In this plan, you are also being given 24GB data for one year, apart from this, you also get the benefit of unlimited calling on any network, Airtel (Airtel) in this recharge. ) is being given. Let us tell you that 3600 SMS are also being given to you in this Airtel Recharge Plan. Now you can guess here that this plan of Airtel is giving you some more benefits in comparison to Jio. However, despite this, you are going to like Jio’s recharge plan more.

Vodafone-Idea’s Dhaakad recharge can be available at the cost of Rs 149 a month

This plan comes completely with the benefits available in Airtel’s plan, that is, the price of this recharge plan is also the same, the offers available in it are also the same. However, in this recharge plan, you are being given free access to Vi Movies and TV Basic. However, these recharge plans are completely similar in terms of price and benefits. Apart from this, if we add a plan of BSNL in this category then it will be good. However, let us also tell you that BSNL has not yet increased the price of its recharge plans. Let us know what offer you can get in which plan of BSNL.

BSNL’s Dhaakad recharge can be available at the cost of Rs 124 a month

It can also be seen as the lowest cost plan in this entire list, because you are getting it at a lesser price of about 20 rupees a month. The price of this plan has been kept by BSNL at Rs 1499. This means that you are going to get this recharge plan with an expenditure of only Rs 124 in a month. In this plan, you are being given the benefit of free unlimited calling on any network. However, in this recharge plan, you also have a provision of 100 SMS daily with 24GB of data. That is, you can get this recharge plan full of benefits at a low cost and at the same time saving more.