Interview of CM of Haryana on Kisan Agitation: Khattar said – For law farmers the movement is wrong and political. This will soon be over.

Interview of CM of Haryana on Kisan Agitation: Khattar said - For law farmers the movement is wrong and political. This will soon be over.
CM Manohar Lal Khattar said that the central government is negotiating with the farmers. And the PM himself has said that the doors are always open to the farmers. When they can talk at will.

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Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said that this movement is not only of farmers. Congress politics is to destroy the farmers. The farmer should benefit more and more and become rich, That is why all three agricultural reform laws have been made. These laws are optional. They are not being imposed on farmers. And Susheel Bhargava had special conversation with CM. Let’s read his question and answer. 

Is the movement of farmers right?

No, The movement is not right. Farmers are being misled. And opposition leaders are working to bake political loaves under the guise of the peasant movement. There is a lobby of so-called peasant leaders, Who is working on the political agenda against the government. We are constantly in contact with farmers to tell the truth of agricultural laws. I believe, Soon the benefits of agitating agricultural laws will be understood.

What to say on the demand for cancellation of the law?

1. There should be no politics on agricultural laws brought in the interest of farmers. The Center has said that these laws are in the interest of the farmers. The government is ready to amend it. The central government is negotiating with the farmers. The Prime Minister himself has said that the doors are always there for the farmers,Are open, When the will can talk. The movement being forced will end soon

How, what will be benefited from agricultural laws?

Amuman trade always depends on demand and supply. And farmers can sell crops on their own free will. And there are many crops which have low MSP and farmers’ crops are sold at much higher prices

Who do you blame for the movement?

Congressmen are guilty for this movement. Congress itself wanted to bring similar laws and was considering them as nectar-credible to the farmers. Now the central government of the BJP has brought these laws, then it is telling them poison. Congress leader talking about MSP guarantee Huh. Why could they not guarantee MSP during his reign.

Like neighboring states, Haryana will give a loan?

Who make such promises, Actually they are not complete. The same has happened in neighboring states. We have excluded 7 lakh farmer families from NPA by making a policy. In the lump sum settlement scheme of relief from cropped loans, interest of 3 lakh 8 thousand farmers 1001 crore 72 lakh rupeesAnd the penalty amount is forgiven. And the farmers has to be so capable that he does not have to take a loan. 

You should tell us how the income of farmers will increase?

Haryana is agricultural staple. Farming-peasant welfare is at the heart of our policies. Facilitate and benefit farmers from seed to market, Making such efforts. Effective irrigation methods, Quality manure seeds, Food processing units such as work are being done. Animal husbandry, Dairy, Fishing and beekeeping are also done.

The movement also includes your Haryana farmers?

There are very few farmers in the region in the movement. The farmers of Haryana have become alert since the event of Republic Day. They know that anti-country forces are also playing. The advantages of the law are understood by farmers of other states, they will also understand here