haryana Monsoon Update: 4 days of rain in Haryana, know how long the monsoon will depart


Haryana Monsoon Update 

Haryana After this the monsoon will depart with a delay of 10 days. Till now there will be 21 percent more rain. According to the Central Soil Salinity Research Institute, there is a possibility of rain till 20. Rainfall figures are likely to increase.

Haryana Monsoon Update: It is raining heavily in the adjoining states of Haryana. Meteorologists have also predicted rain in Haryana. It is estimated that a delay of 10 days in the departure of monsoon in Haryana is considered possible. At the same time, there may be heavy rain in some districts for four days.

Below average rainfall recorded in 2021, but 21 percent more in Haryana Meteorologists have told that in the year Terai has recorded 30 percent less rainfall than the average. The average rainfall in June is 190.7 mm while this year 132 mm of rain was recorded. Similarly, the average rainfall in July is 440.6 mm. But this year there was 239.8 mm of rain. In August also 452.7 mm of average rainfall was received

But this year 299.7 mm of rain was recorded. However, the monsoon in Haryana has been very kind. So far, 506.6 mm of rain has been recorded in the state, which is 21 percent more than the normal. According to meteorologists, this year the monsoon is likely to be delayed by 10 days by 26 September.