Haryana Home Minister Vij’s attack – Chadhuni wants to become Kejriwal under the guise of farmer’s movement

Haryana Home Minister Vij's attack - Chadhuni wants to become Kejriwal under the guise of farmer's movement
Gurnam Singh Chadhuni, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij. (file photo)

Haryana Home and Health Minister Anil Vij has made a big attack on the farmer leader Gurnam Singh Chaduni. Vij said that Chadhuni wanted to become Kejriwal under the guise of farmers’ agitation. Just as Kejriwal took advantage of the Anna movement, he is also in the fray.

Chandigarh, State Bureau. Haryana’s Home, Health, Urban Bodies and AYUSH Minister Anil Vij has launched a scathing attack on the suspended BKU leader Gurnam Singh Chadhuni from the United Kisan Morcha for seven days. He has exposed the layers of Chadhuni’s political activities. Chadhuni wants to become ‘Kejriwal’ under the guise of peasant movement.

Anil Vij exposed the layers of Gurnam Chaduni’s political activities

Vij said that there is no basis for chadhuni. Neither the farmers are with him nor the people of his Shahbad assembly constituency. Chadhuni wants to take advantage of the movement of farmers’ organizations in the same way as Arvind Kejriwal took political advantage of Anna Hazare’s movement. There are many Kejriwals like Chadhuni, who do Zindabad-Murdabad everyday by holding the flag of United Kisan Morcha.


In a conversation with media personnel in Chandigarh, Home Minister Anil Vij again advised Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu. He said Sidhu is not a political man. They themselves do not know what to do. Therefore, instead of getting into this affair, he should form his own party.

There is no man with Chadhuni, the United Kisan Front has broken apart

Vij termed Chadhuni’s decision to boycott the United Kisan Front as a gimmick. He said that Chadhuni has boycotted the United Kisan Morcha after he was already suspended by the Morcha. Now this drama is of no use. There is no man with Chadhuni anyway. The United Kisan Morcha is completely broken and disintegrated. Now only those people are sitting here, who are against the anti-BJP political parties.

Anil Vij said that Anna Hazare’s movement took place in 2012. The public sentiments of many people were associated with him, but some were associated with him for their political ambitions. He also achieved his political motive and left the main issue and later he became Kejriwal. Similarly, in this farmers’ movement also, the leaders of many farmers want to become Kejriwal. There is a political motive behind doing Zindabad-murdabad. Chadhuni is also one of them. That is why he does not want to allow this movement to reach any end. They do not want to negotiate even on repeated calls of the central government, because their motive is against the interests of the farmers.

Anil Vij said that there are many people like Chaduni in the United Kisan Morcha, who are taking the dream of becoming Kejriwal. All these are in conflict with each other. Therefore, he has suspended Chadhuni from the United Kisan Morcha for seven days. Responding to a question, Vij said that Chadhuni had contested elections earlier also. He got only 1300 votes. People know everything about his political position and motive.