Haryana government changed the method of land measurement, will get rid of quarrels


The Manohar government of Haryana is now going to use new technology for land measurement. With this effort of the government, disputes arising during land measurement will be curbed. The government is now preparing to get the measurement of land done in a digital way. For this, the work of making property ID of the land is being done.

The state government is going to get the complete mapping of lands done with the help of Haryana Space Utilization Center. After this a device will be ready, in which the data of the land of the entire state will be available. With this device, metering can be done standing on any land or field. This step of the government will not only save time and money, but will also reduce the number of disputes related to the revenue department.

For your information, let us tell you that from November 2021, Modern Revenue Record Rooms have been prepared in all 22 districts of the state. Under this, about 18.5 crore documents of old revenue records tied in bundles have been scanned and digitized. Now a click of the mouse is available for land related work. With this, preparations are being made to do the measurement of lands digitally in the next episode

The property ID of the land of the cities has been prepared and now this work is being started in the villages. This data and the data of the photos taken from space will be mixed and later the whole data will be fed on a device. Through this, complete information about the area around the land will be easily available

Controversies in the manual

At present, patwaris measure the land in a manual manner through cloth caesareas and zaribs. During this, in most of the cases, one party accuses Patwari etc. of complicity and thus thousands of cases go to court. High and low land also becomes a cause of dispute. With the use of digital technology, the pressure on the revenue officials will be reduced and the disputes regarding land will come down.