Hail fell with rain in Fatehabad


Hail: The mood of the weather changed in many districts of Haryana, rain at some places and sunshine in some place

Changes in weather were visible in many districts of Haryana on Sunday. In the afternoon, there was light rain in Sirsa, while in Fatehabad, along with rain, hail also fell in some areas. It was sunny towards Panipat, Sonepat. However, the weather is getting cooler day by day. The effect of snowfall on the mountains is also visible here.

Drops falling in Fatehabad

The temperature dropped significantly in Haryana’s Fatehabad on Sunday after the first rain of winter. Here in the afternoon the weather suddenly turned bad and after that there was a spell of rain for half an hour. Hail also fell here in Bhuna and Ghagad area. Farmers worried due to hailstorm. It is being told that due to rain, the crop of mustard and early wheat is being benefited, while there is also a risk of damage to the newborn plants due to hail.

In Sirsa also the weather suddenly changed at 12.30 in the afternoon. Clouds gathered in the sky and after a while it rained. After half an hour the weather changed in Fatehabad. Although the Meteorological Department had warned of good rains on December 6 due to a western disturbance, it did not show much effect in Haryana.

Today is the first rain of the heavy winter season in Fatehabad. Due to which the temperature also dropped and the cold will increase further in the coming days. Farmer Rajkumar told that farmers will be benefited due to rain. At the same time, in the villages where there has been hail, there will be no more damage to the crop