Fungus trap: 13 deaths due to black fungus in one day, 17 new cases were found, the number of patients in the state was 1290

The maximum 7 deaths occurred in Faridabad and 4 in Agroha Medical College, Hisar.

  • 7 deaths in Faridabad in 24 hours, so far 137 lives have been lost in the state
The graph of black fungus patients is increasing in the state. In the last 24 hours, 17 new patients of black fungus have been found in 4 medical colleges of the state, while 13 patients have lost their lives. The maximum 7 deaths occurred in Faridabad and 4 in Agroha Medical College, Hisar. Whereas, 2 deaths occurred in Kalpana Chawla Medical College, Karnal.

So far 137 deaths have occurred due to black fungus in the state. At the same time, the total number of patients has gone up to 1290. Since receiving the first case of fungus on May 7, the state government has not been able to make any improvement in the arrangements. Still the state government is dependent on the center for amphoterisan-B injection.
Patients are not getting the injections they need. Due to the increase in the number of patients, the arrangements in medical colleges have also started decreasing. People have to pay for this by losing their lives.

Lack of arrangements in medical colleges is increasing the pain

Claim: All those who died of fungus were sugar patients

Geetika Duggal, director of Agroha Medical College, said that black fungus spreads rapidly in patients suffering from sugar. He claimed that all the deaths in the medical college were sugar patients. It is noteworthy that so far 64 patients have lost their lives here. Most of the deaths have occurred here in the state. On Saturday also there were 4 deaths here. So far 239 patients have been admitted here, out of which 180 have been operated on.

Surgery is not being done in Karnal Medical College

The arrangements of Kalpana Chawla Medical College are looking worst in the state. There is no endoscopy equipment for mass surgery. In this case major surgeries are not being done. Because of this, many surgeries are pending here. While 39 patients have been referred. So far 153 patients have come here. But only eight surgeries have been done. That is, a patient is undergoing surgery in three days. So far 40 patients have died due to black fungus.