favipiravir to be available at Rs 103/tablet In India


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‘Covid ’ favipiravir to be available at Rs 103/tablet In India

Favipiravir, This  medication developed in Japan, And it is currently the subject of 18 trials around the world as a potential treatment for Covid-19.
Hello everyone I’m Jatin Kamboj,  I’m so happy to see you all back in this new session and this session is going to be very important especially during this alcove 8:19 pandemic and it’s been going on for the last six months now and every nation and you know in the in the every country in the world has been suffering and has lost lakhs and lakhs of lives to these coronal virus and the everyone has been praying that you know some nation should come up with some kind of medications. 
               vaccinations to combat this akavit of 19 pandemic and fight against this coronal virus and making everyone’s life better and go with night in free universe that’s what everybody’s been praying for finally there is a Mumbai based a pharma company from India has come up with some great answers I hope this goes very well and we fight this corner – that’s part of you we all look for okay what is that magic medicine that is called fabrepairable family forever is basically you know it’s been it’s been used used in Japan against the score on our Wireless they have been using that medication in Japan country way it’s been effective over there but I know Mumbai bears down the animal company

Approval from DCGI drug Controller General of India 

     It has got an approval from DCGI drug Controller General of India and there have been manufacturing these medicines and it will be out on the market in a few days so okay before we get into this topic if you have not a subscribe to my channel {Tech Support Jatin} please feel free to subscribe my channel and every single like comments and every single subscription I get everything matters to me okay so please let’s get to this topic on what is this very parable very forever is an oral medication one point and what does it do it actually acts against RNA polymerase it is a RNA polymerase there is it is already polymerase means it’s an enzyme through it isn’t in it inhibits RNA polymerase this enzyme is essential for viral multiplication so once this medication inhibits are stops as enzyme there are only any viral multiplication when there is no wider multiplication the viral load will not go up when the viral won’t doesn’t go up.
 The patient will not get worse the patient will actually get better what clinically everything right so the patient will you know will try to get better and then they go home as soon as possible that’s the magic of this medication and there are one more medication that is you may fear no avail and you know the trials are the claim that fabric.


     We’re aware acts better than the MFA, know but so this fabric forever is an RNA, polymerase enzyme inhibitor and it decreases a viral load right so based on this medication some clinical trials have been going on in different countries India Japan China and Russia okay in India what happened something in March or April they conducted up this study like efficacy and the safety of this medication on 150 patients of COBIT19 patients they collected this trial they started giving these medications to those patients and asses to the efficacy of these medications on those patients so the good thing is once a patient were put on these medications by four days this medication started showing a great improvement in both clinically
 A patients who had a headache or cough or a poor oxygenation or a difficulty breathing they really started getting better by four days that’s what these are clinical trials claims the complete details and every explanation will be produced in coming updates that’s what they say and if you look at China they have a conducted this study with this medication in two different trials okay and in one trial they included ad patients in the other trial they included 2146 patients on the first study on 80 patients are they also showed a similar outcome they all the 80 patients are showed a similar outcome with a market reduction in a cough and the a difficulty breathing got better and because of this medication and in Japan. 
They already you they’ve been they have been using this medication it’s currently under used for now and in Russia also they have been I mean the clinical trials have been going on and they have been also using this medication so five prevail and the house everywhere this medication comes in the form of 200 milligram and these pharma company claims data this medication should be given a thousand eight hundred milligram twice a day for only one day and the next 14 days 
This has to be taken 800 milligram twice daily before we put before we pull these medications or before we do this medication to patients mild to moderate Kobe 19 patients the patient should be given no they have to give consents to the doctors that they’re going to be on this medications for Kobe 19 so you know this study has been going on and this medication is really working very well on this co net mild to moderate covenant in patients and this is just early stage and I know in many countries and many clinical trials have been going on and to just check the efficacy and safety of these medications and hopefully you know based on those clinical studies what I have found what I have read I’m just sharing this video with you guys.
 This is RNA polymerase enzyme inhibitor and it decreases the viral load and thereby it improves the patient’s outcome without sending the patient into poor oxygenation or worsening of symptoms and that’s how this medication acts I hope I wish you know I warned up many more clinical trials so to come up and using these medications and many more medications and you know not only that just these medications we won’t want we want some more clinical trials to eradicate this virus from this universel hope I have given you enough information I’m just giving you this information I just wanted to share this information to all guys sound and I hope I’ll be seeing you next blog with another hot topic alright the until the nit’s bye and take care.