Fake Remdesivir injection supply case: 48 lakh rupees recovered from gang leader and associates brought from Ropar jail, Punjab Police has already recovered 2 crores

Gang members brought on production warrant from Punjab along with cash and other items recovered during remand in Panipat.

A big disclosure has come to light on Sunday in the case of supply of fake Remdesivir injection in Panipat, Haryana. Recently, the police have recovered Rs 48 lakh, fake wrappers and cans from the kingpin of this supply gang and his associates who were brought on production warrant from Ropar Jail in Punjab. It is learned that these people have earned Rs 5 crore so far. However, before this Punjab Police has also recovered Rs 2 crore from them.

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Big links after the recovery of 4 injections in May

Panipat Superintendent of Police Shashank Kumar Sawan said that in May, Gaurav Jain of the same area was caught black marketing fake Remdesivir injection from Sector-13/17 cut of the city. At that time 4 injections were recovered from it. During interrogation, Gaurav had told that he had brought this injection from Yogesh, a BAMS doctor working in a Gaushala’s dispensary on Barasat Road. In lieu of supply, he was to get a commission of Rs 2,000 on an injection. When the CIA-3 team arrested Yogesh, he confessed to having bought the injections from Dilbagh in Sector-6, who runs a wholesale drug store on Khanna Road. When Dilbagh was interrogated, he told that he had bought injections from Pradeep, while Pradeep, who was running a medical store at Hyderabadi Hospital on Sanoli Road, was already taken on remand by the district police. He had told that he was supplied by Mohammad Shahwar of Muzaffarnagar.
Following this revelation, Panipat Police brought on production warrant last week, Mohammad Shahwar, Shah Alam and Mohammad Arsad, who were among the six accused of throwing a consignment of fake injections into the Bhakra canal lodged in Ropar Jail, Punjab. Took 7 days remand and during this time big revelations have been made from him.
Panipat Superintendent of Police Shashank Kumar Sawan talking about the revelations made to the dealers of breath.
Panipat Superintendent of Police Shashank Kumar Sawan talking about the revelations made to the dealers of breath.

This is how the mix of changing the rapper was done

According to the police, Mohammad Shahwar told that during the Kovid-19 epidemic, he thought of making a big profit by doing business of Remdesivir injections. Ordered 30 thousand genuine Remdesivir injections at the rate of 2 thousand rupees from his registered firm Nautvins Pharmacuticalas by mail to Hitro Company Hyderabad, which the company canceled. Then he planned to create a fake injection and ordered 30,000 injections of Piperacillion with Tazobact, an antibiotic injection of the same size, from his registered firm Nautvins Pharmacuticalas, Sunvet Pharma. Pvt. Ltd. to Kala Amb. Also get the prints of Remdesivir wrapper and box prepared through the internet and send them to the printing press by mail of your firm. Mohd Shahwar to Sunvet Pharma. Pvt. Ltd. got 12 thousand antibiotic injections Piperacillion with Tazobact. He brought it home and put it in a big tub in the evening. Next day along with aunt’s boys Shah Alam and Shahnazr changed the label and packed it in the box. Together, the three prepared 12 thousand fake Remdesivir injections and sold about 10 thousand of these injections to the wholesalers of medicines in Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Himachal at the rate of Rs 5 thousand per injection. Earned around 5 crores from it.

This greed spoiled the game

Seeing the money, greed came in the mind of Shah Alam. He, along with his friend Mohammad Arshad resident of Saharanpur and Mohammad Arshad’s brother Akhlad alias Ali, told Mohammad Shahwar about the arrest of Shahnazar by the Saharanpur police and told him to bring all the money. Fearing this, Mohammad Shahwar gave all the money to Shah Alam, Mohammad Arshad and Akhlad alias Ali and threw the remaining fake 2 thousand injections into the Bhakra canal. Borrow So far, CIA-3 of Panipat has arrested a total of 8 accused in this case. Rest of the accused will also be arrested soon.