Crime branch issued notice to Rakesh Tikait and 12 other leaders of farmers movement


Today’s latest news: Kisan agitation: – Kisan agitation has been going on for more than 65 days but no solution has been found so far, during this time, farmers (kisan andolan news) took out a truck rally on the Republic Day during it among the farmers. Ten-twenty people created a ruckus, the result of which the farmers of the Kisan agitation will have to pay, the Crime Branch has issued a notice to the 12 presidents of Kisan Andalon to inquire about the violence in Delhi, but till now the farmer leaders have Have not answered

The crime branch has issued notices to 12 leaders including farmer leader Rakesh Tikait, Buta Singh Burjgil, Darshan Pal Singh, Shamsher Pandher and Satnam Pannu.

These 12 leaders of the peasant movement called the Crime Branch: –

In the truck march held on 26 January in Delhi, the farmer movement took a very violent form, in which the Crime Branch has called 12 leaders of the Kisan Movement to the Crime Branch office, in which Rakesh Tikait, Shamsher. Pandher, Buta Singh Burjgil, Satnam Pannu and Darshan Pal will be joined by 12 other leaders

Crime branch may reach Ghazipur border: – Farmer movement

On January 26, the truck did a lot of damage to the government in March and the team can reach Ghazipur border for questioning in Sandarabad of Red Fort, the Central Police has applied for an investigation on the sabotage made by the farmers but Today, there was an altercation between the local people and the farmers movement on the Indus border, due to which the police had to baton there.