Black business of Remedesvir in Ambala, connection of injection recovered from canal in Ropar with Elphin drugs, company owner and manager arrested.

Black business of Remedesvir in Ambala, connection of injection recovered from canal in Ropar with Elphin drugs, company owner and manager arrested.
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 Those arrested in connection with the supply of fake RemadeSvir to the Ambala Police.

Police action during investigation after fake injection of Remedisvir in Ambala

300 unlabeled and heavy quantities of powder recovered, store sealed and sent to sample check

In the past, the connection of the incident of the injection of Remadecivir from the canal in Ropar, Punjab, seems to be connected with the ongoing Elphin drugs in Himachal Pradesh. On Tuesday evening, the team from Ambala of Haryana Police raided, and the labeling of the recovered vial here was said to be a match between the consignment caught in Ambala and the consignment of Remedesivir recovered in Ropar. Currently the Ambala police have arrested the owner and manager of the company. Also, samples of powder recovered from here have been sent for examination.

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According to the information received, on April 21, the Ambala police had recovered 24 injections of Remadecivir from two trains while checking at the block in the cantonment area. The police also arrested 4 people in this case. All 24 injections were found to be fake in the investigation report. After this, the police interrogated the accused, and the wires of this case were seen connecting at many places. In the same case, police arrested another accused named Pradeep Kumar with 399 fake injections after raiding in Panchkula. A cash and other worth of Rs 50,000 was recovered from him. After several arrests, the Ambala police arrested Mohali resident Master Mind Dilpreet Singh and manager Manoj of the entire game. A 2-day remand has also been taken by presenting it in court.

Police has arrested 11 accused so far

In fact, Dilpreet Singh owns a company by the name of Elphin Drugs in Nalagarh, Himachal, from where the police have recovered 300 unused levels and 80 sealed labels with sealed labels. Apart from this, the police have also recovered 3354 outer carton levels, which have information in English and another language. The police has sealed the factory store and made Himachal Pradesh police guard. Meanwhile, the police has arrested 11 accused so far in this entire episode.

The canal that passes through Ropar is 10-12 kilometers from Nalagarh.

In this regard, Ambala Superintendent of Police Hamid Akhtar said that the police station Chamkaur Sahib was injected into the canal near the village village Salempur in Punjab a few days ago. The wires of this case are also seen to be connected to that incident. It may be noted that on May 7, Remedicivir 671 was found lying in the injection canal in Ropar, Punjab. This canal is only 10-12 kilometers away from Nalagarh. It is now expected that on April 21, the company had gone to the Lahti Ropar Canal along with Nalagarh and thrown injections of fake labeling of Hetro for fear of being caught with a case of Remedisvir injection in Ambala. There is a similar labeling of the violus found in the canal and caught in Ambala.

Now know what they have to say

However, police officials found a white powder recovered from here as minopirum powder by the manufacturer, which is antibiotic. This action comes after the revelations made during interrogation of Manoj of Elphin Drugs caught from Panchkula. Till now, it has been found that Manoj was supplying the supply further.

In this regard, Himachal Pradesh State Drug Controller Navneet Marwaha says that if any industry of the state is found involved in such a case, then it will not be tolerated at all. Notice has been issued to the elfin industry. However, nothing was found on the spot that production of some kind of Remedisvir was going on.