Antim The Final Truth Review – Full Movie In Hindi


The story of a farmer became a film of police and goons

Antim The Final Truth Review: This remake of Marathi film will give audience to Aayush Sharma but his hard work is constantly under the shadow of Salman Khan

antim The Final Truth Review: Antim: The Final Truth is a complete nepotism-film. This is not even the first or last such film in Bollywood. Looking at this, you can guess every five minutes how eager the Khan family is to submit their Jamai Raja to Bollywood. But in this family-favorite, Ayush Sharma’s advantage was less and the loss was more. The advantage is that due to Salman Khan, the film will get more audience and the disadvantage is that in the presence of this non-actor super star, Ayush’s hard work gets marginalized. There is no doubt that Ayush is better here than the debut film Love Yatri (2018). His look has improved. Personality has changed. He also tries to act. If writer-director Mahesh Manjrekar had made Ayush pick up the real sacks in the scene of wages in the vegetable market, his expressions and body language would have sparkled. Here it seems that despite making tough body, Ayush is taking the material filling in bean bags instead of vegetable sacks.



Ultimate: The Final Truth is a remake of Marathi film Mulshi Pattern (2018). Mulshi is a Village in Pune District. The history of farmer suicides in Maharashtra over the past decade is bloody. The Mulshi pattern showed the problem of a miserable farmer losing his land and migrating to his cities. Was successful at the box office. On the lines of the Mulshi pattern, the final also begins with Datta Bhau (Sachin Khedekar), the farmer of Mulshi. This wrestler-farmer, who was once Maharashtra Kesari, sold his land-farm to the builder under compulsion and became his watchman. There are thousands of such farmers. Circumstances force Datta Bhau to come to Pune along with his son Rahul (Ayush Sharma) and family to work in the vegetable market.

This is where Rahul’s new journey begins and by the time he becomes the Don of Pune. In films, a policeman is written in the fate of every don. Here Sardar Rajveer Singh (Salman Khan) is written in Rahul’s fate. Beyond this, you yourself can guess what can happen in the collision of the don and the policeman. Add local politics, gang-war of goons, father-son emotion and a little love of hero-heroine from your side. final ready.



This is a fine remake. In which Mahesh V. Manjrekar has changed the style of the original story. He has gone with a straight story here, whereas the structure of the Mulshi pattern is a bit twisted. It is the superstition of the directors that the audience of Hindi can understand only the simple story. He doesn’t have a brain. He cannot understand anything by turning around. Manjrekar has added some scenes and spicy dialogues in the film in his style. This has disturbed the rhythm of the story. Even though the final does not present the original story or idea, it can be seen.

In the fate of good actors, it is written to support the stars by becoming a character artist. Sachin Khedekar and Upendra Limaye do the same thing here. Mahima Makwana, who debuted in Hindi films after coming out of TV, does not leave an impact. The music of the film is not special. Only brother’s birthday song is worth listening to. Contrary to the Mulshi pattern, the farmer, his destiny, his pain, his anger are all lost in Final: The Final Truth. Only one goon and one policeman are left here. The film loses its purpose. If you have seen the Mulshi pattern, then you can leave it, but if you have not seen it, then you have already known the reasons for seeing it