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Case against father-son of Hoshangabad, accused said – not property, matter in shareholding in the case; Devendra Kadian is the son of a former speaker of the assembly

Devendra Kadian has contested the assembly elections on a JJP ticket.

Devendra Kadian, the brother-in-law of Haryana Deputy CM Dushyant Chautala and son of former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Chaudhary Satbir Singh Kadian, has filed a case of cheating at the local Sector-29 police station in Hoshangabad, MP. It is alleged that after the deal was done, the accused did not register the property and then did not even return the entire amount. He has been accused of threatening to kill him for asking for the remaining 75 lakhs. At the same time, the accused said that the matter is not of the property. Devendra Kadian had partnered with him in a sand mine in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. An erroneous case has been filed against him due to loss in sand mine.

In the complaint made by JJP to the Economic Offenses Wing of Devendra Kadian, who contested the assembly, he was told that he is the owner of DS Infra located near Sewah. Jaspal is his manager here. His manager Jaspal is known to Ajit Singh Malhotra and his son Rasmeet Singh Malhotra, resident of Pipariya tehsil of MP’s Hoshangabad district. The father-son expressed his desire to sell his land in Vasantkunj, Delhi by declaring it as his own. Devendra Kadian, after seeing the land, signed two land deals for two crore rupees. Devendra Kadian made a total of Rs 2 crore RTGS in five times between May 2018 to July 2018 in the father-son stakeholding firm’s account.

It is alleged that the father-son did not register the land in his name even after making many promises. If asked for the money back, the accused returned him 1.25 crore rupees five times from January 2021 to March 2021. Despite asking many times, he did not give the remaining 75 lakh rupees. It is alleged that now father and son are threatening to kill him for asking for money.

It is a matter of stake in sand mine, not property

Rasmeet Singh said that this is not a matter of property. He does not own any property in Vasantkuz, Delhi. Rasmeet told that his sand work is mine. He claimed that Devendra Kadian wanted to have a stake with him. He had a stake in a sand mine in Sakrod of district Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh, which resulted in an expenditure of two crore rupees.

The corona and then the lockdown resulted in a loss of work. 1.25 crores were returned from the mine, but there was a loss of 75 lakhs. Devendra Kadian has filed a case by making this loss as a fraud in the property. He has other proofs with call recordings of Devendra Kadian, which he will present when the time comes.

Could not talk to Devendra Kadian

Former candidate Devendra Kadian was called several times in connection with the case. His PA picked up the phone, but could not speak to Devendra Kadian.

Investigation will start now

IO SI Rajesh of this case said that a case has been registered in this case on Wednesday night. The investigation has not been started yet. Soon the investigation of the case will be started.

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