50 days of monsoon: After 20 days in Haryana, the quota of monsoon rains came in plus

Panipat | 39.7 mm in the state in 24 hours. rained out. Panipat received 23.8 mm of rain.

In three days from minus 80%, the figure of rain was 20% more than normal, so far half the season’s rain in 6 districts

On Tuesday, 50 days of monsoon season have been completed in the state. So far 175.9 mm of rain has been received, which is 20% more than normal. 146 mm in this period. Rain is considered normal. Monsoon had knocked on 13th June. Then for a month it rained very little. Since July 1, the rainfall figure was running below normal. By 17 July, the shortfall reached 80%. Now came to Kota Plus after 19 days after good rain in 3 days.

The average monsoon season (from 1st June to 30th September) is 460 mm. Rain is considered normal. There are 9 districts where 200 mm. It has rained more. Half of the monsoon quota has been completed in Gurgaon, Jhajjar, Jind, Karnal, Rewari, Sonepat. Below normal rainfall has been received in 3 districts.

Normal or more rain fell 12 times in 26 years

  1. After the year 1990, only 12 such situation has happened, when there has been normal or more rain. It has rained below normal 17 times.
  2. In 1995, there was 83% more rain than normal, then flood situation occurred. This was followed by 39.6 above normal in 1998 and 21% above normal in 2010.
  3. What next: Between July 21 and 23, there is a possibility of rain and thundershowers in the state. After 25, the monsoon will be strong again.